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Elly Watch

Internal prototype
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Senior watch with AI-driven fall detection.

Elly Watch is a next-generation senior watch. It is a hardware prototype in the IoT-category that comes with a mobile application for caregivers, with a powerful backend in the cloud that is driven by AI. Elly Watch is ongoing research where we’re experimenting with the newest technologies like LoRa and focussing heavily on AI-driven fall detection.

Watch for the senior

The senior wears Elly Watch, which displays the time and has one button and a buzzer for UI.

App for caregivers

Family members can access information about the senior through the app, anywhere, anytime. Family members can also perform a ‘checkup call’ within the app.


Family members are notified when the senior has fallen, when the senior pushes the alarm button, when the senior leaves the house at unusual times…

Medication reminders

Elly Watch reminds the senior when to take the right medication.


Elly Watch tracks the location of the senior, which can be viewed by the caregivers in the app. Elly Watch notifies caregivers when the senior leaves the house at unusual times (geofencing).

Fall detection

Elly Watch detects falls to a great accuracy, thanks to AI-driven fall detection in the cloud.

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